death comes to pemberley

I’m weird about what “sequels” to Pride & Prejudice that I’ll read. I’ve only read and enjoyed Carrie Bebris’ Mr. & Mrs. Darcy Mysteries (which I’ve reviewed here). I had to check this out because of the cast.

While Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy (Anna Maxwell Martin and Matthew Rhys) are getting ready for a ball at Pemberley, they are visited by a distraught Lydia Wickham (Jenna Coleman). Lydia was on her way to the ball, which she wasn’t invited to, when her husband George (Matthew Goode) leaves the carriage with his friend, Captain Denny (Tom Canton), and Denny later turns up dead.

Meh. I watched it more for Rhys and Goode than anything else. Unfortunately, I tend to not care when Wickham and Lydia are involved in stories and they, well Wickham, were pretty much the glue. Which was annoying. I just found it boring and didn’t really like how Elizabeth and Darcy’s marriage was portrayed. I appreciated seeing Georgiana (Eleanor Tomlinson) and her search for love even though I didn’t approve of the choices. If I had read the book, I may have felt differently.


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