Christopher Nolan’s scifi tale.

In the future, Earth is running out of food. Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), a former NASA pilot and engineer, lives on a farm with his family. His daughter, Murphy (Mackenzie Foy), thinks a ghost in the house is telling her something and it leads her and Cooper to an underground facility where NASA is secretly operating. Professor Brand (Michael Caine) is spearheading a operation to find alternatives to Earth, particularly in a wormhole near Saturn. Cooper and a crew go to explore these alternatives.

Not Nolan’s greatest but still, he’s one of the most innovative writer/directors out there. It was long but gorgeous. Everyone complains about a lack of emotions in his movies. I can slightly agree, however, in this movie, before Cooper went into space, I felt every emotion that they were trying to convey. In fact, I kind of liked that part more but the scenes in space were exhilarating and again, gorgeous. I appreciated that the women in the movie were given more to do than just be love interests. They were smart and could take care of themselves. And every actor was incredible. It’s not a movie for everyone especially because the science can get really technical and go straight over anyone’s head (I tried to keep up and then gave up, it’s a movie). But it is well-made and well-acted and you should maybe check it out.



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