blank! the musical

My friend and I have been trying to see a Broadway/Off-Broadway show a month. We’ve kind of gotten stuck lately.

Blank! The Musical is an interactive experience. Basically, the audience logs on to a website with their phones at the theatre. Then, they yell out potential titles for the show, song titles, come up with a piece of dialogue, and compose the musical theme. The cast has to come up with a show based on what the audience gives them. So, improv!

The show we helped create was called Gluten Free! The Musical. It contained the songs “My Name is Goat Boy”, “Wheat is the Devil”, and “I’m Full.” It was about an Italian family trying to boost their business by going gluten free. And there was a character who called himself Goat Boy because goats are his spirit animal. It was really funny and I am always impressed with improv. I wish I could do something like that. It was a fun show and I’m sad that it’s closing early. Guess people aren’t interested in making their own shows, but I definitely was.


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