ariana grande “my everything”

I first found out about Ariana Grande on Victorious even though I was way outside the age range for that show. I enjoyed “The Way” last summer but kind of hated that she was emulating Mariah Carey. Oh well, I’m obsessed with like every single she has released so far for this album and Google Play offered it for free so I picked it up.

What I enjoy most about this is that it reminds me of 90s Mariah Carey. The BEST Mariah Carey to be honest. It’s such well-produced R&B and she does have a great voice. I wish she would enunciate better but as long as she keeps these producers and songwriters around, she’ll be fine. Well, she may have to work on her attitude as well.

Favorite songs: “Break Free”, “Why Try”, and “Break Your Heart Right Back”


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