hindsight: pilot

I had heard about this show on VH1 because it transports a woman back to the 90s. And I was kind of interested. Also, it stars Laura Ramsey and I always like her in TV and movies so I checked it out.Becca (Ramsey) is about to get married for the second time. However, she is constantly thinking about the past which included her first marriage and the breakup of her friendship with Lolly (Sarah Goldberg). Instead of waking up on her second wedding day, she winds up at the first in 1995.

It’s a fun, cute show. I’m all about nostalgia so the 90s speak worked for me. There was a hilarious joke about AOL. But it’s also about second chances and if you would change your past decisions. I liked that aspect too. I mentioned earlier that I like Ramsey and she’s great though I did have a bit of a problem believing that she was almost 40. Come on, she’s barely 30. I’m going to see how this turns out but at least I’ll enjoy the music!


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