This was a movie I found in my parents’ DVD cabinet. Since I like both Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones, I decided to watch it.

After a Rembrandt painting is stolen, Virginia “Gin” Baker (Zeta-Jones), an insurance investigator, suspects it is the work of famous thief, Robert “Mac” MacDougal (Connery). She proposes a plan that would require her to work with Mac and have agents catch him in the act of stealing $8 million.

It was good. I love movies like this. Heist films and the novice being taught by the master are two of my favorite tropes. The scenes where Zeta-Jones have to manuver around the lasers are incredible. I had some issues with the romance between the two characters but they had some chemistry so it wasn’t awful. And I was ready to hate the ending but it actually had a really nice twist. It’s not a great movie but a fun diversion.


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