one direction “four”

Yes, I’m still a 12-year-old girl at heart. My formative years were during the golden age of boy bands (98 Degrees and *NSYNC were my faves, but I also listened to lower-tier boy bands like Youngstown, soulDecision, and BBMak). I should know better now but when I first heard One Direction, I was on board. If I was 12, I’d have posters and want to see them in concert. Instead, I’ll just listen to their CDs without shame.

Their fourth album, hence the name, seems more rock-tinged than their previous releases. Which is why I was more interested in it. I’m pretty obsessed with “Night Changes”. Their harmonies are pretty good and dammit, they just have catchy songs. Their ballads are truly the standouts. Their music I can approve of young girls listening to, unlike Justin Bieber.

Favorite songs: “Night Changes”, “Stockholm Syndrome”, “Fool’s Gold”


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