the duff

A new teen comedy. It’s been a while right?

Bianca Piper (Mae Whitman) is sliding through her senior year of high school, acing exams, writing for the paper, and hanging out with her two friends. When she is told by her next door neighbor and cool football player, Wesley Rush (Robbie Amell) that she is the DUFF, Designated Ugly Fat Friend, she goes into a tailspin. She then asks for his help to un-DUFF herself in order to catch the eye of musician Toby (Nick Eversman).

Loved it! Again, it’s been a while since there was a good teen movie (I think Easy A is the last to fit the bill) and I’ve loved Whitman since I was a kid (and she was a kid). I’m so happy she got a lead role and that Bianca was the kind of girl you are or want to be. Amell is hilarious and super attractive. He and Whitman really played off each other well. Bella Thorne as Wesley’s on and off again girlfriend, Madison Morgan, was very Regina George but that’s fine. What I loved most was that the message was more than just getting a boyfriend, it’s about believing in yourself and not focusing so much in labels. We need more movies like this for young girls.


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