battle creek: pilot

CBS’ latest cop show starring Josh Duhamel and Dean Winters.

FBI Agent Milton Chamberlain (Duhamel) has just been stationed in Battle Creek, Michigan. He assists the local police force led by Detective Russ Agnew (Winter) who does things unconventionally.

Slow but I like the characters. It seemed a bit disjointed like it wasn’t sure if it wanted to be a straight comedy or a drama. But then again, I’m not as familiar with Vince Gilligan’s work as I probably should be (sorry, never got into Breaking Bad). What is keeping me interested is Duhamel and Winters. I’ve been fans of both for a while and seeing them play off each other should be interesting. I want Chamberlain to loosen up a bit though. But there’s definitely a reason he was sent there and I want to know why! Nothing about the show is particularly groundbreaking but it’s got a good cast so why not continue watching.


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