the last man on earth: pilot

I love Will Forte so of course I was going to check this out.

In 2019, a virus wipes out the population on Earth. Phil Miller (Forte) has travled far and wide and found no other survivors, setting up his home in a mansion in Tucson, Arizona.

I really enjoyed the first episode. It had a movie feel and worked well to blend the comedic and heartfelt moments. Forte is a genius; I’ve loved him since SNL. Some of the jokes were a tad juvenile but it worked? To be honest, I don’t know how I’d live with running water either! I was less enthused by the second episode and the introduction of Kristen Schaal’s character, Carol Pilbasian. I like Schaal but the character is too much. I’m hoping she’ll tone it down because I really want to continue watching this but right now, I’m on the fence.


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