on the twentieth century (2015 revival)

Roundabout’s latest revival starring Peter Gallagher and Kristin Chenoweth.

Oscar Jaffee (Gallagher) is a producer who cannot find a hit lately. He and his press agent and business manager board the Twentieth Century Limited to New York. Jaffe has found out that his former protegee and girlfriend, actress Lily Garland (Chenoweth), will be on board and he has a plan to change his string of bad luck.

Loved this! I had no idea what to expect but it was ridiculously funny and the cast was so perfect. Gallagher had been sick for a while before the performance I went to and I was really glad to hear he was doing better. Not only that, you could barely tell he’d been out for like two weeks! Chenoweth was absolutely perfect. But the true standout for me was Andy Karl, as Lily’s dumb boyfriend, Bruce. He hammed it up well in The Mystery of Edwin Drood but oh man, he really went full out here. The production numbers were beautiful as was the set and it was a fantastic ensemble. See this if you can!


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