iron man: extremis by warren ellis

One of the most well-received story arcs of the Iron Man series. This was what they pulled from for Iron Man 3.

Tony Stark is a weapons manufacturer who is trying to change his image with the Iron Man technology. He is called by an old friend, Dr. Maya Hansen, who wants him to help her track down whoever stole the Extremis serum. Extremis was conceived to replicate the super-soldier serum used on Captain America and one person has been injected with it causing destruction everywhere.

It was a good story. Again, I had more familiarity with it due to Iron Man 3 and actually the origin story was the same they used in the cinematic universe. I liked the artwork, but wish there had been more humor especially from Tony. There were a few good one-liners. Also, I missed Pepper. For my first Iron Man graphic novel though, I chose one of the best. And I’m glad about that.


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