the week ahead: april 5, 2015

Movies: One major release, the latest Nicholas Sparks’ adaptation, The Longest Ride. One notable limited release is Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut, Lost River.


Specials: Sinatra: All or Nothing At All (HBO Sunday, 8 P.M.)

New shows: A.D.: The Bible Continues (NBC Sunday, 9 P.M.), American Odyssey (NBC Sunday, 10 P.M.), Wolf Hall (PBS Sunday, 10 P.M.), The Lizzie Borden Chronicles (Lifetime Sunday, 10 P.M.), Happyish (Showtime Sunday, 10 P.M.), Your Family or Mine (TBS Tuesday, 10 P.M.), The Comedians (FX Thursday, 10 P.M.)

Season finales: Shameless (Showtime Sunday, 9 P.M.), Better Call Saul (AMC Monday, 10 P.M.), Workaholics (Comedy Wednesday, 10 P.M.), 12 Monkeys (Syfy Friday, 9 P.M.)

Season premiere: Louie (season 5; FX Thursday, 10:30 P.M.)


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