one big happy: pilot

NBC’s new comedy.

Lizzy (Elisha Cuthbert) and Luke (Nick Zano) are best friends who decide to have a child together. Lizzy is an uptight lesbian and Luke is loose straight man. Luke meets and falls in love with Prudence (Kelly Brook), a British woman about to leave the U.S. causing friction in Lizzy and Luke’s friendship.

The beginning was a bit rough, not going to lie. But overall, I was kind of into it. I mean, I’ve loved Zano since What I Like About You and will gladly take him on my TV as much as possible. Cuthbert is a bit of a new acquistion for me because of Happy Endings but I really like the character of Lizzy. And she plays off Zano so well. Brook is a weird one though. I can’t tell if her accent is bothering me and that’s why her jokes seem off, I don’t know. It’s cute though so I’ll continue watching.


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