the curious incident of the dog in the night-time

A play based on the best-selling novel.

Christopher Boone (Taylor Trensch) is a teenage boy with either autism or Asperger’s who discovers his neighbor’s dog dead in the yard. It becomes his mission to solve the murder which leads him to find out more about his family.

I haven’t read the book yet so my opinion is strictly for the play. I liked it but I preferred act one to act two. I liked the mystery aspect much more than what Christopher discovers about his mother. I felt like what she did was a cop-out and I was extremely hurt by her actions. Maybe I’ll get more of her perspective in the book but I hated how his father was more villified than his mother. Story aside, oh my God, the stage. It was a grid that lit up and it changed. It was like a chalk board, stairs appeared at one point, it was insanity. I didn’t see the normal Christopher at the performace I went to but the understudy Trensch was great.


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