an american in paris (broadway 2015)

An American in Paris is one of my favorite movies. It’s got Gene Kelly and George Gershwin music and it takes place in Paris! Where’s the bad? I was so psyched to hear it was coming to Broadway.

After World War II, American Jerry Mulligan (Robert Fairchild) decides to stay in Paris and pursue a career in art. He makes friends with an aspiring composer, Adam Hochberg (Brandon Uranowitz), and a rich Frenchman Henri Baurel (Max von Essen). He also spots a girl, dancer Lise Dassin (Leanne Cope), and begins to have feelings for her but she is with another man.

Loved it. I mean, I knew I would. It’s such a sweet story and the music and dancing were on point. Though I was a little upset that “Our Love Is Here To Stay” was omitted and they added a different Gershwin standard, “They Can’t Take That Away From Me”. But it was a fabulous show. Fairchild was perfect; you could see he was definitely influenced by Kelly. And Cope was lovely. They really lucked out on finding ballet dancers who could also sing pretty well. The sets were absolutely gorgeous with moving illustrations of Paris. Such a treat, you should definitely check it out.


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