capsule reviews

Hey, I’m sorry I’ve been less active lately. I’m working on some personal things and feeling burnout which is not making me want to write the six reviews I have in my drafts. So I’ve decided to do my capsule reviews again!


Fifth Harmony “Reflection”: I never watched any iteration of The X Factor but for some reason, I enjoy their singles, like “Bo$$”. No idea how that happened. They are all extremely talented singers with fun songs. As I’ve mentioned about many other CDs reviewed, I feel like this is music I listened to growing up in the 90s.

Sabrina Carpenter “Eyes Wide Open”: I adore Carpenter on Girl Meets World and she was actually a singer first. Some songs are a little more country and juvenile than I’m used to but she’s got a nice voice and can only get better.


The Grace Helbig Show: Have i mentioned that I love Grace Helbig? Well, I do. And her talk show on E! is wonderful. The first episode was a tad rough but they managed to work out the kinks and I think it’s now going smoothly. She’s charismatic and relatable and I wish I was her best friend. The show is not for everyone though, as the humor can be a bit much for anyone not a millenial but it’s what I’m used to. Especially from her. Go Grace!

Weird Loners: Surprisingly cute. While it will never be a great sitcom, I love the cast so much (Becki Newton deserves everything). The situations aren’t as weird as they want you to believe but I think that’s due to the cast nailing it.

The Comedians: Oy. This was pretty awkward. Love Billy Crystal, am starting to tolerate Josh Gad more but I did not like this. I’m pretty against documentary-style television shows because they never seem to work for me. The comedy felt off and it’s a shame.


The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo: After reading Les Miserables, I thought Hugo was an author I could read and love. I was wrong. I knew that the story was different from the one I was used to (Disney’s) but I didn’t expect a majority of the book to barely focus on Quasimodo? And I do enjoy Paris but did not need to basically read a tour guide on the place. I struggled with this book, thankfully it wasn’t 1000 pages.

(Phew, done. Hopefully, I’ll get my Avengers: Age of Ultron review up by the end of the weekend.)


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