the week ahead: may 17, 2015

Movies: Horror remake Poltergeist and sci-fi adventure Tomorrowland are the only major releases this week.


Specials: I Love Lucy Superstar Special (CBS Sunday, 8 P.M.), 2015 Billboard Music Awards (ABC Sunday, 8 P.M.), Red Nose Day (NBC Thursday, 8 P.M.)

Season finales: The Simpsons (Fox Sunday, 8 P.M.), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox Sunday, 8:30 P.M.), Call the Midwife (PBS Sunday, 8 P.M.), Family Guy (Fox Sunday, 9 P.M.), Bob’s Burgers (Fox Sunday, 9:30 P.M.), The Royals (E! Sunday, 10 P.M.), 2 Broke Girls (CBS Monday, 8 P.M.), Mike & Molly (CBS Monday, 8:30 P.M.), NCIS: LA (CBS Monday, 10 P.M.), The Night Shift (NBC Monday, 10 P.M.), The Flash (CW Tuesday, 8 P.M.), The Voice (NBC Tuesday, 9 P.M.), Dancing With the Stars (ABC Tuesday, 9 P.M.), Survivor (CBS Wednesday, 8 P.M.), The Mysteries of Laura (NBC Wednesday, 8 P.M.), Law & Order: SVU (NBC Wednesday, 9 P.M.), Modern Family (ABC Wednesday, 9 P.M.), black-ish (ABC Wednesday, 9:30 P.M.), Supernatural (CW Wednesday, 9 P.M.), Chicago PD (NBC Wednesday, 10 P.M.)

Series finales: Mad Men (AMC Sunday, 10 P.M.), The Following (Fox Monday, 8 P.M.), Stalker (CBS Monday, 9 P.M.)

Season premieres: The Bachelorette (season 11; ABC Monday, 9 P.M.), Masterchef (season 9; Fox Wednesday, 8 P.M.)

New shows: 500 Questions (ABC Wednesday, 8 P.M.)


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