pitch perfect 2

Sequel to the musical comedy hit.

The Barden Bellas have been on a roll, winning a bunch of honors along the way. After an unfortunate accident during President Obama’s birthday celebration, they are suspended from competing further. The girls come up with a plan to win the World Championship in order to get reinstated but hit a few bumps getting there.

I’m struggling to figure out if I liked this one more or less than the first. I think I’d put them equally on my list except this one had no vomit! Yayyy no vomit! Comedy sequels are hard, especially ones that involve competitions. The whole “Can they win again?” storyline tends to get a little old. However, I appreciate that they tried to show the growth in the characters and explaining why Chloe (Brittany Snow) was still a Bella despite being a senior in the first film.

The songs were great. The humor is definitely still there. Basically any scene with Rebel Wilson is golden. I missed seeing more of the Treblemakers and Jesse (Skylar Astin) but what I really love about this series is that the end goal isn’t to be in a relationship. They work together to better themselves and prove their worth in other ways. Female positivity is so important and I’m glad such a big movie focuses on this.

Finally, Anna Kendrick is my idol. Just have to say that. Oh, and Hailee Steinfeld is super adorable. I’m totally up for Pitch Perfect 3 with her as the lead.


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