the trail to oregon!

Team Starkid finally put on a production in good old New York City. Exciting!

Based on the computer game, The Oregon Trail, we follow a family on their way to Oregon after the family farm burns down. They are named by the audience and ours was the Gluten Free (this is becoming a theme for interactive shows I attend) family, with father Mitt Romney (Jeff Blim), mother Zefron (Rachael Soglin), daughter Bucket (Jamie Lyn Beatty), son Pizza Pizza (Lauren Lopez), and grandpa Patti Lupone (Corey Dorris). They face the perils of the road, such as no food, the Bandit King (Joey Richter), and the dreaded dysentery.

The show was hilarious. They filmed the production in Chicago and posted it on Youtube like they always do but I hadn’t gotten around to watching it yet. I’m so glad I didn’t because seeing it live was incredible. I’ve seen them in concert but nothing beats seeing one of these shows live. I am a huge fan of Blim’s and I was really impressed by the flow of the musical (which he co-wrote) and its overall message of family. The rest of the cast was fabulous as expected but props to Richter for playing maybe fifteen different roles (I may have overestimated). Such a fun production.


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