jessica riddle “i like mine”

Storytime! Jessica Riddle came into some fame in 1999 with her song, “Even Angels Fall” appearing on the 10 Things I Hate About You soundtrack. I bought her debut album but unfortunately Hollywood Records didn’t know what to do with a singer-songwriter whose songs mostly feature a piano. So they dropped her. A few years later, she reemerged as Jessica Jacobs (because she got married) and released a CD on a website called “Chapter 2”. It defined my high school experience. Twelve years later, she released her third album.

If you’re a fan of hers or just any folksy/rock artist, this album is enjoyable. My one complaint is that the production value on some songs is a little lacking. But that’s understandable because she’s not backed by a label. Much like “Chapter 2”, there is a mix of guitar and piano but really, it’s her voice and the lyrics that just wow me everytime. I wish she could find more fame.

Favorite songs: “Sun Shines”, “Do You Run”, “Girl With No Heart”


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