tv land wednesdays: the jim gaffigan show & impastor

Somewhat like my capsule reviews but different. Having so many drafts lately has been causing me anxiety so in an attempt to not deal with that, I think combining revelant reviews is a good thing. Two half-hour shows premiered on the same network so why not review them together?

The Jim Gaffigan Show: Jim Gaffigan is playing a fictionalized version of himself which involves living in a small apartment with his wife, Jeannie (Ashley Williams), and their five kids. Sadly, I didn’t enjoy this like I thought I would. I think I have a problem with married couple sitcoms lately. I generally like Gaffigan but I tire of the typical husband/wife issues because there’s nothing groundbreaking in those stories. Also, not a big fan of Williams.

Impastor: Buddy Dobbs (Michael Rosenbaum) is about to be killed over his gambling debts when he meets a priest who accidentally kills himself. He decides to pretend to be this priest in an attempt to steal his money. I liked this better but the critics didn’t. I’ve loved Rosenbaum since Smallville and he really succeeds in comedic roles. I found the whole plot charming and it’s got a great supporting cast with Sara Rue and Mircea Monroe. I’m looking forward to more especially since the pilot ended a certain way.


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